Our Team

“Our Team consists highly skilled computer and data scientist. We have highly specialized team who have years of experience at GAN network and Computer Vision. Each of of our team members have done research in their specific field in the past.”

Sambhab Thapaliya

“Sambhab Thapaliya is the Founder of multiple startups. First startup was Slack for gamers (GroupIn) at age of 16. His last startup was Selcouth and is currently working on redefining the way people view short videos. After a successful exit from Selcouth, Sam immediately began work on ASMI. Aside from work, Sam is an avid reader and you can find him discussing on questions on Artificial General Intelligence, Future of Work, Economics and existentialism.”

Sajjan Thapaliya

"Sajjan has been building and managing product teams his entire life. Most recently, he co- founded and served as CEO of Selcouth Technology, Nepal’s first B2B Ecommerce platform. Currently, he leads the engineering division of ASMI and has been an integral part of the company’s rapid expansion over the last year."

David Thomas

“Prior to ASMI, David Thomas was part of the Senior level staff at Engageclick, a predictive marketing communications platform that utilized consumer engagement data to segment and predict the best communication messages for consumers. He led New Business initiatives for the company up until their acquisition by 24.7 Media in 2016. Outside of his business roles, David has a black lab, named Jet, who is also the office dog.”

Subash Shumsher Gautam

“He is currently working as Chief Technical Officer In ASMI.He is intrested in CAD Design simulation techniques. Its been a 6 years of journey in exploring Artificial intelligence in 3d world,CADD,CAD,augmented reality and Virtual reality research to automate the pipelines of these fields using computers.In future he want to research for high performance computing to quantum computing/augmented reality in simulation to artificial intelligence for 3d design(CAD Design)."